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This Magical Lip Stain Didn’t Fade for 9 Hours

I know I’m by all account not the only one who recollects Victoria’s Secret seasoned lip gleam furor. Not exclusively were those profanely sticky gleams one of the “coolest” excellence results of the mid-2000s, yet the more flavors you possessed, the more center school road cred you earned. Fortunately for the world and for most the hair that stalled out to the lips of preteens wherever both Victoria’s Secret and I have genuinely ventured up to our magnificence recreations from that point forward. What’s more, that is something deserving being thankful for, because else I’d never have found the hydrating lip recolor that has perpetually changed my makeup game.

We’ve all bought with the struggle that is matte lipstick. It looks in this way, so great when you initially swipe it on, however, following an hour it figures out how to suck the majority of the dampness from your lips just before flaking and peeling off in patches. Fun! So you can envision why I wasn’t super-confident when I got my hands on the Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain. I figured it’d have a similar dry, flaky complete that I’ve expected from all matte lip items, yet I was so astounded to find that the recipe felt not at all like a conventional stain when I swiped it on. I set out say that it felt — prepare for this — great? I know, it doesn’t make sense.

Not at all like most lip stains that are celebrated markers that drain a layer of uneven ink over your mouth, this one feels like a cross between a lip emollient and a bit of whipped cream. No, truly — the equation is somewhat whipped and inconspicuously vanilla-scented (sweet, yet not in any way cloying), and however I often call horse crap on items that claim to be both matte and “nourishing,” this one really left my lips feeling shockingly delicate on account of its olive oil-and vitamin E-infused formula.

Because of the cream-like formula, you just need to swipe on one layer to get the completely misty shade, and after that, much the same as all lip stains should allow you to do, you get the chance to forget about it — no touch-ups vital. Indeed, even following three hours of drinking espresso and nibbling, when the underlying whipped layer had blurred off my lips, I was left with a dazzling, hyper-pigmented stain that felt silky. There was even a wash of shading on my lips when I returned home after work — that is an entire nine hours after the fact, folks — which is mind-boggling. Like, I child you not when I say that this stain made my matte lip dreams come true.

At $14 a tube, these lip stains aren’t the least expensive thing out there (particularly when you consider the way that you’ll need to purchase each of the 11 shades), however believe me when I say that each penny spent toward it will compensate for the many, not stunning matte lipstick encounters that have scarred you. Presently I simply need to get over my substantial blame for continually questioning Victoria’s Secret in any case — the lip shine adoring center schooler in me says too bad.

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