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Relieving Stress For Satisfication Of your Whole Body

Ways to Relieve Stress


Life throws people all kinds of curve balls such as a flat tire, getting a ticket on the way to work, getting passed over for a promotion or dealing with someone that is practically unbearable at work, stress is everywhere, but here are ways that a person can relieve their stress.

Ways to relieve stress: Going for a run

Sometimes one of the only ways to relieve stress is to go for a run to get one’s mind off things, the time alone has done more good for people who work stressful jobs or live in a stressful environment; good to do in the evening.

Ways to relieve stress  Playing a video game

A lot of people may not know it, but playing a video game that one enjoys is one of the greatest ways to relieve stress; pulling off a favorite special move or running around battling enemies in one’s favorite level of the game drives stress away.

Write an angry letter

There are times when writing an angry letter using Microsoft Word can relieve stress, a person would be free to vent their feelings onto the document without risk losing their job; MS Word provides a “safe environment” for a person to write how they personally feel. A better way to relieve stress there never was.


When a person listens to their favorite tunes when they are stressed out, the person tends to forget about their stress while singing or humming to the music they are listening to; this is one of the ideal ways to relieve stress. Music is fruit of the soul, it does a mental body good.

Go off the grid

One of the ways to relieve stress is to disappear for a day which means no answering phone calls linked to whatever is responsible for the person’s stress, no looking at whatever is stressing the person out. A little invisibility goes a long way in curing stress.


Some people tend to think that therapy is for crazy people, but it’s quite the opposite. Therapy has always been one of the best ways to relieve stress, it still continues to be to this day; therapy is not just for “crazy” people, it is for stressed out people as well.

Visiting the local church

Religion is responsible for a lot of law and order in the country, but people have also sought it to relieve stress by talking to the church deacon or the bishop or the minister, they are a good resource for dealing with stress.

Stress Management Courses

More times than not, some people need more help managing their stress than they care to admit; taking stress management courses at the community college can save many a life including those suffering from stress that won’t go away. Stress management is king in everyday life.

Clean the house

Stress is a pain to deal with, but the right kind of physical activity can distract anyone from their stress; house cleaning is one of the ways to relieve stress. People can’t focus on stress when they are too busy worrying about how to get rid of the cobwebs in their basement.

Punching a punching bag

Gym memberships can a pain to obtain so a person can bring the gym to them by having a punching bag or exercise machine in their home, using both can work wonders on a person’s stressful day; pretending the stress is a person and punching the bag can make a person feel better.


There are numerous ways to fight stress and one of the other ways to relieve stress is to daydream about something or about something a person wants, their mind is focused on something different from stress; daydreaming has brought many a person peace in their waking hours.

Watch something comedic

People fall in love with all sorts of shows even ones that has been on the air for a long time, comedy has always been the best medicine when dealing with stress; watching something comedic can produce stress relief like no other. Watching funny clips from a television show can relieve stress quickly.

Getting intimate with the spouse

Married and committed couples can help reduce or destroy each other’s stress by getting intimate, the pleasure factor involved with intercourse has relieved many a person of their stress; people having intercourse barely even remember what they were stressed out about or who stressed them out.

Taking the pets for a walk or spending time with them

Pets can relieve stress in their own little way, the way they are, their antics are just hilarious. More times than not taking a pet for a walk is one of the best ways to relieve stress.


Yoga is an ancient exercise technique that has been one of the ways to relieve stress through stretching and flexing one’s body, Yoga has always been the ideal method for relieving any kind of stress; Yoga is still used for stress relief to this very day.

Chewing one’s favorite gum

Stress relief can be handled in many ways, chewing one’s favorite gum can relieve them of stress; the flavor from the gum creates a euphoric state of happiness that can relieve a person of their stress; this has always been one of the best ways to relieve stress.

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