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Oreo Needs to Bring Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches Stateside

Long-separations connections are the most noticeably bad. Oreo’s just avowed that conviction of our own with their most recent creation, a nutty spread frozen yogurt sandwich that is just accessible in the U.K. starting at now. WTF, Oreo?! Bother, enough?

People who are lucky enough to be moving over the pond can look onward to the sandwiches, which include nutty spread frozen yogurt blended with pulverized treat pieces between exemplary chocolate Oreo treats. They sound so great that we’re practically officially concocting reasons to go to England on a business trip only for an opportunity to test these out.

Since nutty spread and chocolate are both known to enhance virtually all that they touch, it’s not hard to figure this new sandwich is absolutely otherworldly. Also, it’s icy, which ensures it’ll be an immaculate summer staple — and one that Americans with a sweet tooth can just fantasize (and whimper) about for now.

Oreo, in case you’re tuning in, please convey these babies to the U.S. ASAP so we can save and Instagram them with the best of the Brits.

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