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IVF Treatment Useful For Infertility Problems

Today, there can be seen a number of couples who are struggling with infertility issues. This infertility problem is not only limited to the stress of not having a baby, but it also affects mentally. Because of infertility issues, you can see mental disturbance and stress among the couples. This sometimes causes problems in married life the couples also. Today, development and advancement in medical science have helped all the couples that could not conceive because of any fertility problems. There is the availability of multiple fertility treatments that are suggested to the patients after comprehending their medical and fertility history.

When it comes to fertility treatment, the first name that comes to the mind is IVF. Majority of fertility specialists suggest IVF to the patients when all other treatments have failed or shown no results. Specialist of IVF treatment in Bangalore suggests IVF as the last step of fertility treatment. The best part of this treatment is that it ensures around 40 percent of success rate.

When is IVF recommended?

IVF is never the first fertility treatment. Before IVF, fertility specialists try to treat the patients in the follicular study, ovulation study, and many other related treatment options. If these treatments don't show any result, then doctors advise the patient for IUI. The success rate of this treatment is lower than the IVF treatment. But one thing that needs to be considered is that all the treatments are conducted only after studying the patient's infertility reasons.

Fertility problems that can be treated with IVF

Many people might ask- what infertility problems can be treated with IVF treatment? To clear this confusion of the patients, here is a list of a few important fertility issues that can be treated with IVF:

·        Damaged or completely blocked fallopian tube: This is one of the main fertility problems that have become common to many patients. In normal conception, your fallopian tube plays an important role in sending the fertilized sperm and egg in the uterus. If for any reason, the fallopian tube is blocked or damaged, then the eggs won't be able to travel to the uterus. Thus, in such cases, doctors suggest undergoing IVF fertility treatment.
·        Age related issue: Today, age has become one of the most common factors that can cause infertility problems in women. If the women are above 35, then they can experience some fertility-related problems. In women, the eggs quality and quantity get decreased with the passage of time. Therefore, it is preferred to plan pregnancy before 35 years. Cases in which age is a factor are suggested to undergo IVF treatment by the fertility specialist.
·        Low sperm count: Low sperm count in men is also a reason for infertility that can only be treated with IVF. Your doctor will perform a functional sperm test to know about sperm functionality. If there is any abnormality, then they would suggest you to for IVF as it comes with a high success rate.
·        Endometriosis: This problem of Endometriosis has high recurrence rates in women. Typically, this is a reason for infertility in many women. If this problem is detected in women, then their doctors advised them to undergo surgery. The inflammation that is caused by Endometriosis can affect fertility in many aspects. If there will be swelling, then the fimbria won't be able to transport the eggs to the fallopian tube. For detection of Endometriosis, you will have to undergo a laparoscopy surgery. According to many studies, women suffering from Endometriosis can conceive with the help of IVF treatment.
·        Ovulation problem: Another common infertility problem is ovulation issue. In planning pregnancy and conception, ovulation contributes an important role. The peak time or the best time to conceive is the ovulation period. In this period, the eggs get released for further process. When the eggs come in contact with sperm, conception in women takes place. But, there are a number of women in which no ovulation takes place. If there were no ovulation then, of course, it would be difficult to conceive naturally. Thus, most of the doctors will ask you to go for the IVF treatment.
·        The problem of unexplained fertility: After a number of tests, ultrasounds, and analysis, there are times when you don't get to know about infertility issue that you are having. If all these tests have come normal, then this condition is known as unexplained fertility. To increase the chances of the conception when having an unexplained infertility problem, the ultimate option for you is the IVF treatment.
·        Antibody issue in the body: Everyone's body produces some antibodies. Many times, these antibodies prevent the fertilization or harm the sperms or eggs. For the detection of these antibodies, different tests are performed by the doctors. IVF treatment shows a high success rate in the treatment of this problem.

Apart from these, frequent miscarriage problem is also an infertility issue that can be treated only with the process of IVF. All these above-mentioned problems have the ability to be treated with the in-vitro fertilization process. But, it is also important to choose the best and reliable fertility center for IVF treatment in Bangalore.

Conclusion –

Whenever choosing any center, you must consider about the success rate of the hospital and team of the doctors. Also, it would be better to gather reviews from previous patients or through online forums.

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