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Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play Gives Flat Hair Volume and Texture

I’ll get appropriate to it: My hair is for the most part level and limp and thin and dormant and frightful. It air-dries into a stringy, straight here-yet wavy-other-there chaos that no cream or medicine or low chignon can settle, and when left to its particular gadgets, it’ll tangle itself to the crown of my make a beeline for the front. Fun!

Adding to the horror of everything is the way that I have a brooding look. If my hair falls unresponsively close by it, it looks humorously long. If that sounds like a first-world issue, this is because it is — however it’s sufficient to make me put a large portion of my yearly compensation in volumizing shampoos, mystery brushes, and thickening splashes.

In any case, there’s one item — my forsake island item, maybe — that I’m never without. I convey it in my handbag close by my wallet and keys, and it goes with me alongside my sunscreen and mascara when I’m leaving town: Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play. Any individual who knows me likely connects me with the little red container if simply because I prescribe it to anybody who’ll tune in. StyleCaster’s magnificence supervisor Chloe once depicted my fixation on it as something she “really trusts [I] would keep running into a consuming building loaded with sharks to spare” — and it’s valid.

To put it plainly, Powder Play is a texturizing powder that loans normal-looking coarseness and volume to your hair. When my hair’s dry, I get a kick out of the chance to sprinkle any into the palm of my hand, flip my head over, zhoosh it into the top of my head and flip back above to view thicker sexier hair. In case I’m putting a twist in my hair, I’ll run a tad bit through my mid-lengths as well — it gives my limp strands enough grasp to clutch the twist without the crunch that a hairspray or shoreline shower may abandon. It leaves my hair more matte than sparkly — yet that is my inclination.

For any individual who inclines toward a less abrasive surface, the brand just turned out with another cycle called Powder Play Lite, which diffuses into a cloud-like puff from a pump instead of a shaker. Regardless it depends on silica silylate for volume, yet it likewise has acai berry mash oil and energy natural product seed for a marginally milder, more touchable wrap-up. It’s also valued and is incredible for somebody who needs the hold, however, can’t preclude the likelihood of somebody running their hands through their hair.

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Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play Gives Flat Hair Volume and Texture Reviewed by Saba Sahar on 10:18 AM Rating: 5

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